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I have been interested in phenomena & issues related to UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and ET (Extra Terrestrial) ever since my college years. This was based on the belief that our earth is nothing special. There are zillions of planets in this universe whose environmental condition is likely the same as ours. If you trust statistics, you would believe that outside this solar system or our Milky Way it is possible that there could be aliens out there. This is the first category of E.T., I define, whose basic constitutional principle of life is more or less the same as our human being and who can eventually be found by our earth being as technology develops and time flies.
However, there are two other categories of E.T.’s, as I imagine, which our fellow humans might never be able to discover, to communicate, and to understand ….
1. The ‘being’ whose ‘earth’ is the tiny electron!
2. The ‘being’ whose ‘cell’ is a huge galaxy!
Please let me know if you got any idea how to find them…..



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Search and research of UFO these days have been mixed with something else, whether you like it or not. My style, however, is a bit different. I am here for fun!
By Shubin Liu
First created: Feb. 22, 1998, Last modified: June 13, 2022